Classic Myst Now Available In The App Store

Fans of the classic computer game, Myst, will be excited to hear that it has made its debut in the App Store! It was released last night for the price of $5.99, as well as the enormous download size of 727MB!

For those who are not familiar with Myst, the game was first released for the Mac in 1993. By today’s standards, the game may seem rather simple, but it quickly became the bestselling game of that era.

The game starts with some pretty epic sounding opening credits. The voice is ominous and and music is mysterious. Nice! Once the game starts, you discover that you are stranded on a strange island, with many different places to explore. There’s also a backstory that begins to unfold the farther your progress in the game.

The controls are simple point-and-click. There are many different puzzles that you can solve by finding clues, switches, and various other hints. Some are side quests, but many of these puzzles must be completed to progress in the game.

This video will give you a feel for the first several minutes of the game, as well as create a nostalgic moment for fans:

[via Touch Arcade]

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