List of Cities Mapped in 3D in Current iOS 6 Beta

One of the most-pressing questions on my mind upon seeing 3D maps demonstrated in the iOS 6 beta was: Okay, this is great but exactly how far does this extend? Will this be a show-off, impractical feature for exploring select areas or has Apple perfected an algorithm that will allow users to even see their house in eye-shattering Retina Display 3D? Well, developers with early access to iOS 6 have found the answer, and it is not as pretty as the highly-detailed maps themselves.

As of right now, there are just over a dozen cities worldwide that are modeled in 3D. That includes nine in the U.S., one in both Canada and Europe, and two in Australia.

On the bright side of this lacking collection of a very small percentage of the world, the map has been found to be a gloriously-detailed 3D all the way down to the meticulous modeling of cars.

To give Apple credit, 3D modeling to this extent does require helicopters to capture various angles of an area. Keep in mind that iOS 6 is of course still in beta so these cities are there mainly for demonstrative purposes, so I would expect the number of cities to at least double by launch, if not be several times bigger.

Now, a more burning question: are the helicopters made out of aluminum, adorned by an Apple logo?

Full list:

San Francisco
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Mountain View (but not including the Google office!)
Cupertino (including the Apple office!)
San Jose including San Jose Airport – this had some nice 3D planes as well as a couple of “ghost” planes, which had presumably moved during the imaging process

Melbourne, Australia

[via MacRumors Forums, thanks djrod!]