Check Out The iPhone Development Reality Show, Live Through Saturday

If you haven’t already heard, Command Guru on Sunday began live streaming a seven day iPhone development reality show. The event is taking place at BigRock HQ near Venice where Aaron Hillegass and a team of 10 iPhone devs hope to have a working “Sexy Social Network app” by Saturday. The event was founded on the notion that people should see what goes into iPhone development. Of course developing a great app tends to take more than a single week, but it’s a cool experiment nevertheless.

The team is already well on their way, so we suggest checking out the recap videos from the previous days while they sleep. Command Guru is also providing a special public SVN server for any adventurous devs that want to check out the code and make suggestions.Full disclosure: Command Guru sent us a $15 iTunes Gift Card as motivation for us to post this. However, the only reason I’m posting this is because it’s worthy of a post.

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