Breaking: Video of ‘iPhone 5′ Back Design

As a follow up of sorts to the images of the next iPhone that surfaced last week, electronics parts company eTrade Supply has uploaded a video (just minutes prior to this posting) showcasing what the back looks like in, err, a posing shot… as well as a full 360-degree overview and a comparison with the size, connections, and cut-outs on the current iPhone.

Sporting the same stylish design as we have seen in pictures, the five-minute video takes a closer look at the changes inside and out on the back part that appears to be from an iPhone prototype that was developed at the very least at some point during the next-generation’s development. There are no new surprises or revelations since the pictures of the back part have popped up that have made their way into eTrade Supply’s hands.

Apple has dropped the current all-glass design (folks at home, don’t try dropping it unless you prefer a cracked all-glass iPhone) in favor of what appears to be a more durable hybrid of metal and glass/plastic. It does appear that the new black iPhone could feature a darker metal as well as a similarly darkened metal band. While paying homage to both the aluminum backing of the original as well as the newer iconic design, it looks like we are in for an alluring redesign to accompany the larger 4″ display.

Although it’s not quite a video of an entire ‘iPhone 5′ prototype, as it has been so popularly dubbed, this will probably be the closest we will get to a detailed preview of the new design – in HD nonetheless.

After all, Apple must be that much more careful after losing not one but two iPhones in a bar – or the company stopped drinking as a whole (actually, that’s even less likely than Tim Cook leniently giving out prototypes for what employees claim is “field testing”).