Boombrigade, from 10tons Ltd, is an action-packed take on the tower defense genre. You lead a crazy squad of soldiers who must defend their bunker from neverending alien waves. What makes Boombrigade different from all the other tower defense games is your troops aren’t stationary, you have to move them around constantly! If your troops die or the bunker blows up, it’s game over.

You start out with only one soldier with a weapon of your choice. You can pick minigun, shotgun, bazooka, or pyro. After mowing down enough alien bad guys, you’ll get a second and third trooper. Eventually you’ll be able to purchase a fourth trooper, but then that’s it! Four guys might seem like not nearly enough to handle the dozens of enemies on each wave, but trying to control all 4 at once takes some serious multi-tasking. It’s good to mix up the weapon types your troops use, as certain aliens are more vulnerable to the bazooka, while others come in fast moving packs that melt before the pyro soldier, etc. The story currently has two chapters, one on Earth, and one on an alien outpost planet. There’s a third planet listed as coming in a future update. Each chapter features different aliens, so you tactics will have to change! After inevitably dying, you will get a military rank based on your point total.  

Controlling the troopers is a breeze, which is good considering how crazy the action gets. Simply touch a soldier and drag the path you want him to take. He’ll shoot at any alien in range. Aliens will start heading straight for the bunker, but they’ll start chasing your soldiers after taking damage. It’s a good idea to always keep moving and pay attention to your ammo levels too, since reloading can take a while. Bonuses randomly appear after killing aliens; you’ll get health boosts, reinforcements, and money. Money can be spent by tapping on the bunker. You can purchase reinforcements, upgrades for your weapons, and health boosts to your troops or bunker.

Boombrigade gets really high points in the graphics department. Colors are quite bright and wild considering the subject matter. The aliens come in several flavors, and all of them look and feel dangerous. Your troops’ firepower looks impressive as well, and the aliens die in cool little explosions. Although it’s a “violent” game and monsters leave piles of goo behind, nothing’s too gory here, so you won’t be grossed out. Sound effects are also spot on. Weapons sound like the real thing and aliens have different creepy noises when they attack. The military music on the opening screen is cool, but during the actual game, there’s no music at all! I’m sure the whole feel of the game would be improved with a little background soundtrack. At the very least, iPod support would be greatly appreciated.

Overall, Boombrigade is good fun. Taking out swarms of aliens in 5-7 minute rounds hasn’t gotten old for me yet. An update is coming with more levels, but it would be nice to see an option for online score sharing, saving games, and some background music added as well. Despite the few things it’s still lacking, I still think any big fan of action games will love Boombrigade.

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