Best of Macworld: FastMac’s iV Battery Case Doubles As A Universal Remote

We just stopped by the FastMac booth here at Macworld and they’re showing off several new products, the coolest of which is the iV Plus. The iV Plus is an iPhone case with an integrated battery — similar to the popular Mophie Juice Pack Air — with a few tricks up its sleeves. Most notably, the iV doubles as a universal remote, thanks to a built-in infrared transmitter. It also includes a super-bright LED light which can be used as a flashlight or as an actual camera flash as long as you have an app that supports it.

FastMac also claims that the new iV packs more battery life than the Mophie Juice Pack air, all in a slightly smaller package which is really exciting. Think about it; if you’re already using it for extra juice, you’ll always have a flashlight and a universal remote with you! Check out the video below:

To create the universal remote software, FastMac partered with a compnay called Umee, and it’s awesome. It gives you all the tools you’d expect from a universal remote — like customizable layouts and activities — as well as an integrated TV guide that lets you search for and select a TV show right from the same app.

FastMac expects the iV Plus to start shipping in Q2 of this year for around $130 along with a free version of the remote app. Umee will also be producing a paid version of the universal remote software which gives you access to the TV guide stuff.


  • 1300mAh battery
  • 2-in-1 iPhone + USB Charger
  • LED Flash/flashlight
  • IR sensor
  • On / Off switch
  • Micro USB port with pass-through for charge and sync

FastMac also announced the iV Lite, which has all the same stuff as the iV Plus, minus the universal remote feature. That’ll be available for $79 in about a month.

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