Belgian Carrier To Offer Simlock-Free iPhone 3Gs

Belgian iPhone 3G customers will pay a hefty price for their phones, but they will also be one of the few countries that will be purchasing completely unlocked iPhone 3Gs. Belgium has a law forbidding “koppelverkoop”, or the forced bundling of plans with devices. This means that iPhones sold in Belgium will be sold completely unlocked, but only at the hefty price of €525 for an 8GB and €615 for 16GB.

Fortunatly, this also means that they will be able to use any service with any carrier they chose, which could drastically reduce the overall cost of the device by increasing competition. It could also mean that customers in neighboring countries will be seeking out the devices. Some websites have already begun offering the simlock-free device in small quantities, although the authenticity of these offers is not confirmed.

[via The Register]

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