Avoid These (not) Convincing Pokemon Ripoffs

If you’ve opened the App Store and navigated to the Top 25 list recently, you may have noticed Pokemon Yellow ($0.99) sitting at the top wedged between legit applications. You may have either jumped with joy or not believed it – the latter is what you should be doing instead of mindlessly handing over your money to a developer who has evidently made a fortune off of the blatant ripoff he’s released onto the App Store.

Pokemon Yellow is sitting right at the #2 spot in the US App Store at the time of this article being composed, and though its description may be slightly convincing, it’s completely fake. The application promises to be the original Pokemon adventure ported to the iPhone with “full high resolution retina display graphics, addictive Pokemon gameplay and battles and more.” Feast your eyes on this high quality artwork…

Yeah, looks real nice, huh? The application solely includes a splash screen and thereafter immediately crashes. There’s been no word from Apple regarding the ripoff, but I’m sure Nintendo will voice in soon if not the Cupertino-based company who has let this application slip past them. The developer behind the ripoff version can be found on their blog here where they’ve posted a message to offer consolation and pay amends by stating that they’re “working on the issue with Pokemon Yellow”. The developer has previously released ripoffs of YuGiOh and Digimon as well.

You may have noticed that we mention “these” applications. Yes, folks, there’s another that has most likely seen Pokemon Yellow’s success, if you will. Pokemon Pocket Edition was released yesterday, and while the screenshots aim to persuade that the game is a full port of some Pokemon title, the developer clearly states in the description that the app is simply a “Pokemon gallery” – whatever that means.

Regardless of which application, check the description before you buy it. And thousands of 1-star reviews can’t possibly be accurate, can they? Next time, get the vibe from all of the turned off customers and don’t throw your money at a developer who’s releasing these blatant ripoffs with nothing to show.

I mean, atleast if it was an actual port…

The way Pokemon so quickly rose to the top of the charts really says Nintendo should make an appearance on the App Store. It’s likely it’ll be a successful one.