Aurora Feint Explains Community Feature, Asks For Suggestions

Earlier we talked about a game for the iPhone, Aurora Feint, that was collecting the information from users’ contacts lists into files stored locally on the device that is periodically sent to their server when a community feature is accessed. Needless to say this created quite a stir, and raised some serious privacy concerns. Because of this, Apple has temporarily pulled the app from the App Store.

The team working on Aurora Feint have since posted in the Aurora Feint forum that they use the information only for harmless community features in the game, and “are just trying to make a great MMO game for the iPhone.” They go on to explain that they implemented it the way they did to try and make it as easy as possibly to find out if any of your contacts are already playing the game. They were waiting to implement more security measures until it gained more popularity. Little did they know it would start off as such a big hit.

So, now that they have the ear of the people playing the game, they are asking their users for suggestions on how they would like this feature to be implemented and what changes they would like to see in the next update.

[via Touch Arcade]

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