AT&T Wi-Fi Log In Doesn’t Work With SMS Disabled

AT&T’s free Wi-Fi for subscribers to their iPhone data plans sounds great and all, and goodness knows we’ve been waiting for it long enough, but you have to jump through quite a few hoops to access it. Now it turns out that not only do they require cell data access, but the complicated process may make some users unable to use it.

To log in to an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot, you have to be able to receive a free SMS message from AT&T. Users are reporting, however, that despite having received the standard free SMSs from the company in the past, users with SMS notifications disabled are not able to log into their Wi-Fi.

“Looks like those of us with text messaging disabled cannot receive the code to get on attwifi. I gave it a try at my local Starbucks, never received a message even though I still get official AT&T texts.”

[via iPhone Atlas]

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