AT&T to Boost 3G Network Coverage in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey

AT&T announced this week that the company has the company has strengthened its signal in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state region and that further nationwide network improvements are also planned. According to AppleInsider, the wireless carrier said that it has deployed spectrum in the 850MHz across “large portions” of New York City, Long Island and New Jersey, and customers in that area will have better reception and speed, as well as better coverage indoors. The company noted that the 850MHz spectrum used is considered “high quality,” and has been enabled for 3G use at more than 1,600 cell sites in the New York metropolitan area.

The carrier has stated plans to further improve its 3G coverage nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2009 with HSPA 7.2 technology, which will give customers faster mobile broadband speeds. The company expects that upgraded to be completed in 2011.

In addition, nearly 1,900 new cell towers are planned to be built across the U.S. this year. Customers in the Tri-State Region should also expect to see further improvements, as the company will continue to add cell sites in that area.

In its response to an inquiry from the Federal Communications Commission last month, Apple gave a glimpse into its contract with AT&T and revealed the company’s internal concerns about App Store software that might over-tax its wireless network.

“From time to time, AT&T has expressed concerns regarding network efficiency and potential network congestion associated with certain applications, and Apple takes such concerns into consideration,” Apple said in its letter.

Many have speculated that bandwidth capabilities are the reason AT&T has not yet allowed tethering or MMS capabilities on the iPhone, even though other worldwide carriers already offer those capabilities. The carrier has said that the features would arrive for iPhone users late this summer.

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