AT&T Says Apple To Blame For Banning Of Google Voice Apps

With Apple’s decision to ban Google’s official Google Voice application and subsequent removal of all unofficial Google Voice apps from the App Store, many assumed that AT&T was behind the decision, since it could potentially compete with SMS on the device. After receiving a pitchfork-wielding mob of angry emails, AT&T says it wasn’t their idea; it was Apple’s.

The following message was sent to TechCrunch from Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s President of Emerging Devices and Resale:

Your letter concerning Apple’s decision on the Google Voice iPhone app was forwarded to me since I work closely with Apple.

While we’re very proud to offer the iPhone 3GS along with the thousands of apps available through the App Store, AT&T does not manage the App Store – and we are not involved in the approval process for apps in the App Store. I recommend in this particular case that you express your concerns to Apple.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your iPhone and hope that you continue to be an AT&T customer. We appreciate and value your business.

Glenn Lurie

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