AT&T Announces TAP Plan For iPhone 3G Owners

In late April, AT&T announced their special Text Accessibility Plan (TAP) for the hearing or vocally disabled for the iPhone. Now AT&T has announced the TAP plan for iPhone 3G users. Like the first plan, the one for the 3G includes unlimited text messages, data, and email access for the same rate as before, but with the addition of unlimited 3G for an extra $10, totaling $50 per month.

Interestingly, a TAP plan is also available to enterprise users for $65/month. Both plans include a Pay-per-use voice plan for $.40 per minute. These plans are available to current and future iPhone 3G users that qualify through AT&T’s National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD). Persons wishing to do so must complete an eligibility application, which is available for download here:

As with the previous iPhone TAP plan, customers will be required to purchase the iPhone 3G along with the attached voice plans, just as everyone else. Once it’s activated, customers can e-mail, fax or mail the eligibility form back to the NCCD to change their rate plan to the TAP for iPhone 3G. People with questions can call at 866-241-6568 for voice calls or 866-241-6567 for TTY calls. More information about the Text Accessibility Plan for iPhone (updated to include the 3G) is available here.

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