AT&T Announces New Data Plans, Says Tethering is Coming

AT&T announced today that they are changing the iPhone data plan, eliminating the $30 free-for-all, and offering two limited plans: $15/month for 200MB and $25/month for 2GB of data. More surprising, the $25/month data plan on the iPhone also replaces the existing unlimited data plan on the iPad. This change is conspicuously effective as of June 7. Could this be a hint of the end of AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple?

There are two pieces of good news from their announcement, aside from the glimmer of hope that AT&T won’t be the only iPhone carrier come Monday:

Tethering is finally coming! According to the announcement, tethering will be available for an additional $20/month to those who choose the DataPro ($25/month) data plan. AT&T says that tethering will be available when Apple releases iPhone 4.0 this summer.

You’ve been grandfathered in. Only new customers have to choose the new, limited, data plans. Existing iPhone and iPad customers who have the unlimited data plan can keep it if they want.

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