AT&T 3G Plan Price Increases Detailed

Many of our readers from the US have been asking exactly how much more it’s going to cost to maintain an iPhone 3G than the original iPhone’s plans, and now that AT&T has officially announced the prices for the available plans, they can be compared. AppleInsider has taken the time to go through the plans and figure out exactly how much more that iPhone 3G is going to cost you, and why.

All of AT&T’s calling plans cost around $10 more than they did before, simply because they’ve raised the price of data from $20 for unlimited EDGE access to $30 for unlimited EDGE+3G access, which they justify by saying that it’s faster (as long as you’re in a 3G area) and because they anticipating you using that internet more often because it’s faster. Of course, even if you’re not on the map, you have to get it if you get the iPhone 3G.

So, add $10 to what you paid before.

However, at the same time, they’ve also taken away our 200 free text messages. If you want them back then you’ll have to pay an additional $5 a month.

So, add $5 if you had the regular plan with 200 included SMS. Or, if you don’t select a plan, it’s $0.20 per SMS with no plan added.

If you had the standard entry-level plan for your first-generation iPhone, you’ll probably find yourself paying 25% more per month than what you were before.

If you were a family user (counting that you’ll add the $30 unlimited SMS plan for all the lines), a two-line Family plan costs $50 more than before, at a $45 increase from the 700 minute plan with two lines and unlimited SMS messages, scaling down to a 15% increase for those on the top-tier 6000 minute plan.

Keep in mind, all people upgrading from an original iPhone will be required to pay a $18 upgrade fee.

We advise you to keep on the lookout for miscellaneous usages charges and fees tacked on to wireless bills each month.

[via AppleInsider]

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