Apple’s Press Conference Highlights

After a mightily awaited press conference, the wait is finally over. Today in Cupertino, Apple announced three new iPods and an Apple TV. Read on below to find out what the specifics are for each!

The main focus of the special event earlier today in my opinion, is the newest iPod Touch. The rumors proved to be true today: Apple has added a camera capable of HD video recording, a front facing camera with facetime, a built in gyroscope, retina display, GameCenter and a few other little tweaks. Also in the heap of new features, the iPod has separated volume rockers and more importantly an A4 processor which is commonly found in its iPhone 4 brother. For details on all of the other minor changes and more in depth articles, you can check out this page on Apple’s website. You can buy the iPod starting today for $229 (8GB), $299 (32GB) and $399 (64GB).

The second newest addition to the Apple collection is the all new iPod Nano. Like I mentioned in my article last night, this new iPod features a touchscreen and a new design: instead of being shaped in a rectangular way, it now takes the shape of a square that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Based on the pictures on Apple’s website and on the nano’s product page, I’m actually jealous of the new design. They will start at $149 for an 8GB version while the 16GB version will sell for $179.

A new iPod Shuffle was also announced, and with its new features it looks like a steal. It now comes with buttons, a VoiceOver feature, and playlists that can be enabled. You can buy it today in a whole variety of colors for only $49. Here’s the info page.

Now, the other anticipated thing that pretty much wraps up the event is the Apple TV. I haven’t yet seen the event on video, and am not too familiar with the previous Apple TV, so here’s the page for you to check out on your own.

It’s been a long year waiting for the new iPod Touch, and now I am filled with consent. As soon as I can, I will be ordering the device and will have a full review of it. But until then, sit tight and enjoy the new devices!