Apple’s Next iPhone Battery May Be Difficult to Manufacture

Uh oh, next-generation manufacturing issues on the down-low! Reportedly, the battery to be included inside the new iPhone expected to be released this fall has been facing complications in manufacturing. According to the Chinese news source Sina, only 30% of currently-produced batteries meet Apple’s standards.

Potentially utilizing a single battery vendor for manufacturing, Apple has been working with the factory to ensure that production is on-track for a planned unveiling in just a few months.

If we were to speculate, it seems that this may be the cause of a more irregular-shaped battery that Apple has sculptured around the rest of the new iPhone’s hardware in a move to maximize the amount of cells that can fit inside. After all, Apple has been experimenting with more efficient batteries in its notebook line. This could also simply be due to the extremely-high volume that Apple is expecting to ship, especially considering how the battery will be a new size for the company to produce. Either way, users can expect that the 4″ Retina Display the next Cupertino-designed smartphone is rumored to showcase will give Apple ample extra space to fit a bigger battery.

In all likelihood, we are still set to see the next iPhone launched around an October timeframe as it had last year. Analysts predict that Apple will announce iPhone 4S’s successor as early as the end of August, followed up by a September release.

On the bright side of the production difficulties, we can expect to get more battery life out of the next iPhone; which means you can spend more time playing Angry Birds before having to hastily worry about finding a charger…

[via AppleInsider]