Apple’s New TV Ad Reinforces That iPad Can “Do It All”

Weren’t convinced exactly how far the extent of the iPad’s feature prowess goes? On Monday, Apple released a new ad to prove that iPad can, in fact, handle just about anything you throw at it. Though claiming that the certainly-capable tablet can do it all is pushing their advertising truthfulness…

Titled simply “Do It All,” the commercial runs through the commonplace features that iPad can do well enough for an ad glamor shot. While showcasing both built-in functionality as well as popular apps, the ad does prove its point that the iPad is more than able to both work and consume content.

Timing could not be better as the advertisement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that the company will release its own self-branded line of Windows 8 “Surface” tablets.

“Do It All” replaces the previous ad “This Good,” which focused on marketing the iPad’s gorgeous Retina Display. Of course, “Do It All” does not leave out the third-generation iPad’s pièce de résistance – closing by highlighting the brilliant screen.

Get ready to see the ad about a thousand-and-one times on television, but you can make that view count a thousand-and-two by watching it now at the embedded video below.

[vsw id="RksyMaJiD8Y" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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