Apple Updates MobileMe, Find My Phone Now Accessible On An iPhone

Apple updated the landing page for the mobile version of MobileMe (, adding a bunch of useful on-the-go features. The new page now has instructions on how to set up MobileMe on your device using the Services app, a link to the mobile version of Find My iPhone, and direct links to the App Store download page for the Gallery App and iDisk app.

Accessing with your iPhone/iPod touch allows you access to the following items:

  • A link to setup instructions for setting up Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Find my iPhone on your iPhone/iPod touch.
  • A link to use Find My iPhone from a friend’s iPhone/iPod touch if you need to locate your lost iPhone/iPod on a map, display a message, play a sound, or remotely lock or wipe it.
  • A link to download the iDisk app on the App Store.
  • A link to download the Gallery app on the App Store.


Accessing the remainder of the MobileMe website ( is not possible via Safari on the iPhone or iPod touch. However, you can access published galleries and iWeb published sites as normal:



Adjusting MobileMe account and renewal settings must be done by accessing on a computer. 

[via Apple Support]


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