Apple to Launch Low-cost iPhone with Bigger Screen?

Here is a fresh rumor future iPhone owners will love: Apple is going to roll out a cheaper version of its popular iPhone specifically designed for China and other emerging markets in the second half of this year, the hit-or-miss Digitimes’ sources claim.

Citing anonymous supply chain sources, the Taiwanese site reports that a low-cost version of the iPhone is already in the works, as they have seen a sample. An interesting color spot of the latest rumor is that the cheaper version of the iPhone will feature a much larger display in order to meet the “prevailing trend for the adoption of 5-inch displays for high-end smartphones.”

The report also suggests that Apple is desperate to catch up with the Samsung Galaxy Note II’s 5.5-inch display, as the rapid adoption of this device suggests that this is what consumers are looking to buy, contradicting earlier surveys (conducted by Piper Jaffray) concluding that most iPhone buyers aren’t buying the device for its screen, but for the ecosystem that comes with it.

Digitimes has a proprietary explanation for Apple’s decision to roll out the low-cost iPhone this year: according to their sources, the iPad mini’s popularity has contributed to Apple’s decision to manufacture a cheaper iPhone to repeat the success of the recently released smaller iPad.

Fact is, one of the differences between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs is Tim Cook’s desire for market share, as the launch of the iPad mini indicates. He is after increasing Apple’s global market share. A deal with China Mobile could help the Cupertino company, but the current version of the iPhone 5 isn’t compatible with the carrier’s LTE network. From this perspective, a China-Mobile-compatible iPhone 5 launch could make sense.

[via: Digitimes]