Apple Sued For Patent Infringement With Mobile Web Browser

EMG Technology filed a lawsuit against Apple earlier today on the grounds that web-browsing technology used in the iPhone infringes upon one of their patents in the way it navigates the internet. The U.S. patent (number 7,441,196), which was filed March 13, 2008 and granted on October 31st of the same year, is for an “Apparatus and method of manipulating a region on a wireless device screen for viewing, zooming and scrolling internet content.”

The patent itself supports 76 individual claims. One of these refers to the display of internet content, as EMG describes it, as “the industry standard currently displayed by the iPhone.”

“The ‘196 patent covers the simplified interface of reformatted mobile content to provide optimum viewing and navigation with single touches on a small screen,” said Stanley Gibson, a partner at Jeffer, Magels, Butler & Marmaro, the law firm that filed the suit on behalf of EMG Technology.

[via Macworld]

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