Apple Store iPhone, iPod Touch Display Tables Revamped With App Store Theme

Apple has put a major redesign of the interrior of their US Apple Stores into motion, starting with the iPhone and iPod touch display tables. Apple is said to be shifting the focus of their retail locations from hardware to software, focusing instead on the 20,000 applications available in the App Store.

As shown in the photos below (via ifoAppleStore), Apple has replaced the small vertical acrylic stands containing cards with product information with two sets of wedge-shaped acrylic stands.

The large vertical stands are still there, but now include a few eye-catching application logos along with a picture of the product:

The small vertical stands were replaced with these wedge-shaped ones that are more easily viewed from higher angles, whereas the vertical ones were difficult to view without picking it up. Smaller ones are placed with one next to each unit, and have specific
product information:

Larger wedge-shaped stands offer an overview of a few applications available in the App Store:

[via ifoAppleStore]

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