Apple Sells Out of Launch Day iPad Units

With the announcement of the new iPad, Apple undoubtedly lengthened the already existent gap between its highly successful tablet and other competition due to the amount of substantial improvements that were announced. A retina display with pixels packed to the brim, a faster quad-core A5 processing chip, a new camera and more amounted to a huge day when the device was announced, evident by the now depleted supplies allotted to Apple’s online store for preorder.

Year after year, Apple introduces a new product to expand on their everlasting lineup of iOS devices and other products. The selling out point for their preorder supplies is always inevitable leaving the only other option for potential buyers to wait and stand in line on launch day or otherwise wait the quite often long backorder times for Apple to replenish their stock. The Cupertino-based company probably makes a limited amount to generate hype, and their allotted stock of the new iPad has seemingly hit the ground with delayed shipping messages.

As you can see, the estimated arrival of iPad devices to those who currently attempt to preorder the device, has gone up from the initial March 16th date, which is the device’s launch date – next Friday. It was recommended that people hurry up and get their preorders in yesterday, and for good cause considering the estimated delivery has gone up by three days to the 19th. Basically, if you’re preordering one now, you’ll have to wait until the week after the tablet’s launch to get your own unit.

The US is the country that Apple seemingly allots the most units to for preorders. When the US is delayed, then you know Apple is pushed up against the window desperately trying to meet the demand.

The other option is to camp outside a local Apple store of official Apple reseller to purchase your own the day it launches. Usually, though, it’s a bit of a hassle with the long lines and wait times that people do it for the experience most times.

Most stores worldwide are quoting delayed estimates. Some just a few days for the 18 iPad models, while others are estimating 2-3 weeks. Apple is planning on launching the device in a host of different countries come the 23rd but their initial stock, being short lived, may or may not make them through the day. We’ll just have to see whether or not all of the hype by the new features creates enough demand to push the iPad out of stock completely.