Apple Seeds 2.1 Beta #2 To Developers

No more than a week after the first beta of firmware version 2.1 being seeded to developers, Apple has seeded a second beta version. The new version reportedly fixes several bugs in the previous version. It also makes mention of the highly anticipated push notification service.

“This is the second beta of the iPhone SDK targeting iPhone OS 2.1, including bug fixes to iPhone OS as well as an early implementation of the Apple Push Notification Service API. This API is not yet integrated with a live push server.”

Further investigation of the previous hints of turn-by-turn GPS or copy/paste show that these references have actually been around since previous versions of the firmware.

Not all registered developers have been given access to the seeds, either. Only those accepted prior to July 11th (around 4000) are able to download the software.

[via MacRumors]

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