Apple Rejects App For No Reason?

Apple has struck again with another absurd App Store rejection. Developer Kenneth Ballenegger recently received a rejection notice for an update to an app that included only back-end bug fixes and performance enhancements, with no apparent reason being given other than that “Apple reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject an application for any reason.”

Sadly, while this is upsetting, it’s become so commonplace that we expect no less from Apple at this point. Still, in most cases prior to this one, Apple has at least offered a reason for their decision. Many of these reasons that get our attention tend to come across as hypocritical, inconsistent or imposing a double-standard, but at least they tend to be resolved.

The rejection notice:

The rejection makes the major flaw within the SDK agreement glaringly clear; Apple reserves the right to reject your app for any reason, but they don’t have to tell you what the reason is, what to change to get it approved, or tell you any of this within any reasonable time frame.

Admittedly, the world probably won’t end without an iLaugh update in the App Store (much has been said about the general quality and usefulness of most apps), but if I were a developer, I would be thinking of ways to get Apple to modify the agreement.

[via TUAW]

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