Apple Raises Cellular Download Limit To 20MB for App Store and iTunes [Updated]

Since Apple began allowing over the air downloading of applications and iTunes content on the iPhone, they’ve been capping the size of files you can download over cellualar at 10MB, requiring you to be connected via Wi-Fi for anything larger. However, today Apple is raising the cap, bumping the maximum download size to 20MB. Now users can download up to 20MB over the cellular network from the App Store or from iTunes (including podcasts).

It was pretty obvious from the beginning that the limit was to make things easier on AT&T by limiting the downloading that was going on through their 3G network. The smaller cap meant not only were people only downloading files that were smaller than 10MB, but they were downloading less over 3G, because anything bigger than 10MB had to be downloaded over an internet connection.

So why the change? Some speculate it’s because of impending iPad apps that will have larger file sizes, but the cause is more likely AT&T. It’s their network, after all. They may have decided that their network is ready to handle the larger load.

[via Macworld]


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