Apple Pulls the iPad 2 from Best Buy?

According to tips from CrunchGear and TUAW, Apple may pull the iPad 2 off the shelves at Best Buy. It seems as if Best Buy created their own quota of iPads to sell and when that quota was met they would sell no more. If customers asked to purchase an iPad after the quota was met, Best Buy would say they are out, despite them having more in the stock room. Apple caught wind of this and was not happy.

Best Buy may have brought some negative attention their way in a recent ASUS ad that pitted it’s tablet against the iPad. The advertisement was quickly taken down. No word on whether Apple requested this or if Best Buy chose not to bite the hand that feeds them. Regardless, it may have gotten them some negative attention.

No word yet on whether or not the iPad 2 will be pulled off the shelves at Best Buy, we are strictly on rumor watch for now. If you see empty shelves at your local store, let us know.

Written by Mary Ryan