Apple Patents iPhone Stylus Gloves

If you live in a northern or temperate climate like I do, then using your iPhone outside in the winter can be a real pain. Since the iPhone’s screen is capacitive, you have to operate it with either your bare fingertips or a cumbersome stylus, something that gets old fast in sub-zero weather. To solve this issue, Apple is working on a patent for some gloves that should make using the iPhone a lot more pleasant in the winter.

The US Patent and Trademark office published earlier today a patent application submitted by Apple for a pair of gloves that have iPhone-compatable stylus contacts inside the tip of the index finger and thumb. This eliminates the need for taking your gloves off during the winter to use your iPhone, or resorting to fingerless gloves.

Apple isn’t the first company to come up with this, however. Dots has created their own set of gloves that get close, but they usually have small contact points or make the conductive surface part of a single layer, reducing their warmth.

The patent was filed a day before the launch of the original iPhone.

[via AppleInsider]

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