Apple Maybe ‘Advertising’ the Samsung Tablet on Behalf of Judge’s Ruling

Here’s a curious bit of information that will likely leave you in a daze: a judge based in the United Kingdom has declared that Apple must advertise on its website that Samsung did not in fact copy the iPad when said company released its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. (kudos to Bloomberg)

In declaring the aforementioned ruling, U.K. Judge Colin Birss requires Apple to include the message on its U.K. website for a total of six months and in “several newspapers and magazines to correct the damaging impression.” Based on Bloomberg’s report, Apple apparently claimed that including the message would in turn offer a free “advertisement” for their patent-war counterpart and otherwise rival.

Whatever this judge is smoking, it must be some crazy stuff – especially considering earlier this month he was the one to say no one would confuse Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Apple’s iPad because “they’re not as cool.” The Apple fanboy within me agrees.

Most probably, Apple will appeal this latest case – regardless, can you imagine a banner draped across the special, iPad-dedicated page on Apple’s website sporting some text among the lines of “Samsung’s tablet is not as cool as the iPad, nor is it a copy”?