Apple Making Plans to Expand iBookstore Into International Markets

Although a fair amount of attention has been paid to Apple’s negotiations with book publishers to bring content to the iBookstore once the iPad launches, little has been mentioned as to how to extend the iBookstore into the international market.

According to MacRumors, a new listing over at Apple’s job site has confirmed that Apple is looking to hire a manager for its “Asia Pacific & Canada” iBooks division. While the exact geographic coverage for the position is not given, it appears at this time to be primarily focused on Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with other countries also in the mix.

The role includes the following duties: “working with management, regionally and in Cupertino to determine strategies and priorities for iBooks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries; identifying content providers to target, establish and develop relationships; working with legal and production teams to finalize relationships and secure content; and coordinate launches with partners, production, and marketing. This role will also be responsible for marketing the books offering on the iBooks store by coordinating with Apple’s production teams, the marketing team, and the production and marketing teams of partners.

The successful employee holding the position will be based in either Markham, Ontario (outside of Toronto) or Sydney, Australia.”

Apple is also apparently adding to its iBookstore staff by seeking publisher account managers (positions 1 and 2), including one focused on independent publishers as well as several operations-side and marketing employees.

The company is presumably also pursuing international deals in countries other than those covered by the “Asia Pacific & Canada” division, although there are no currently open positions listed for such regions.

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