Apple Launches New Smart Case for the iPad at WWDC

As if we’re done covering what was announced earlier today at Apple’s WWDC keynote! Hidden among all of the commotion surrounding the other announcements made at the keynote, Apple has quietly launched a new accessory for its flagship tablet, the iPad.

Called the Smart Case, the accessory is similar in function to its likely predecessor, though still sold, the Smart Cover. Instead of simply covering the front of your iPad, the Smart Case includes a polyurethane back that snaps in place over the iPad itself.

While the case provides protection to all of the aspects of the iPad, Apple claims it will not hinder the weight of the iPad or add any significant bulk. Apple insists that the iPad will remain thin and light with the case installed. The same sleep/wake functions are included upon installing the case and removing it, respectively thanks to the integrated magnets in the case that will attach to the magnets within the bezel of the iPad.

The Smart Case retails for $49.99 and is available in 6 different colors – red, green, pink, blue, and two shades of grey.