Apple Delaying Approval Of DJ Apps For Unknown Reasons

Apple is intentionally prolonging the approval of three DJ applications from three different developers: Touch DJ from Amidio, Sonoasaurus from Pajamahouse Studios, and DJ Player from Musicsoft Arts. In protest, an ongoing online petition was organized, asking Apple to accept the apps for sale.

The applications would allow users to remix songs from their own iTunes albums, unlike other “DJ” apps in the App Store, which only let you mix loops with no rights tied to them. These apps use iTunes tracks, offering simultaneous playback of multiple tracks, including effects like pitch, fade, tempo and other controls.

Part of where the controversy may be coming from is Apple’s ban on access to the iPod app’s music library by other third party applications. However, all three of the apps implement a workaround, instead transferring music over Wi-Fi.

Another possible cause may be the confusion and legal gray area around copyright law pertaining to remixed music.

Apple has issued no public explanations of the situation.

[via iLounge]

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