Apple COO Tim Cook Spotted at China Mobile HQ

Apple’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) was spotted at China Mobile’s headquarters. The significance? According to MIC Gadget, he’s most likely there discussing with the company’s executives about a possible deal.

Currently, iPhones are only available in China for customers of China Unicom, a carrier with had 179.34 million customers as of May. The much bigger company, China Mobile, with over 600 million customers (largest wireless carrier in the world), could represent a huge deal for Apple – in fact, it would be the biggest partnership for them, which could bring in a whole bunch of extra revenue.

COO of Apple, Tim Cook at China Mobile HQ

If this deal were to go down eventually, it would involve a whole revamped network for China Mobile, as they are currently running on home-grown 3G, which is not compatible with either the CDMA or GSM iPhone models.

Despite mentioning of a deal back in May on China Mobile’s part, Apple has yet to reveal what they’ve got planned for the carrier, if anything at all. After all, this whole thing could be unsuccessful in the end. In the days to come, we’ll see, and keep you posted on, what happens on this possible deal that has the potential to be the biggest partnership for Apple – meaning larger than Apple’s partnerships with AT&T and Verizon.

[Via AppleInsider]