Apple Approves Mac App Update With Support for ‘Retina Graphics’

According to a report originally published by The Next Web, late last night, Apple approved an update to a Mac application that included support for “Retina Graphics” listed in the update notes.

FolderWatch ($11.99), an existing application that allows you to automatically keep a copy of your projects on an external drive or file, was updated last night and in the update notes, the developer included “Retina Graphics” as one of the app’s changes. The report suggests that select developers may have been given prior notice of Retina Mac displays by Apple and interestingly, FolderWatch was selected as an Apple Staff Favorite in June of 2011 – however, the developer today tweeted indicating that the “Retina” claim simply refers to the HiDPI mode already seen in OS X, which leads us to believe the updated graphics were included based on circulating rumors.

Apple’s team of reviewers did still approve the update with “Retina Graphics” being the first bullet in the “What’s New” section. So at the very least, they did see the message and allowed it into the Mac App Store. Past records show, though, that the reviewers aren’t too capable with many ripoff applications being released unhindered into the App Store. Regardless, whether or not reviewers have been briefed on the rumored retina-capable Macs is questionable.

It’s widely expected that Apple will introduce a 15-inch MacBook Pro next week at its WWDC 2012 keynote.