Apple Airs Three More iPhone 4S Ads

Just launching today, Apple aired three new iPhone 4S advertisements on top of the already existent one that was originally aired last week. All three of these show off the iPhone 4S, of course, with Apple’s unique marketing technique. Watch them below.

All three of the ads appeal to the major features the iPhone 4S has to boast over the iPhone 4 (except for the first!): iCloud, the improved camera and Siri, respectively below.




I’ve had an in depth look at everything above, and can surely say Apple has effectively showcased them. That brings the total to what now? 4? Yes, two Siri ads, one iCloud and one camera. We’ll keep your posted on any future videos. Of course, the best way to do that would probably be to keep a tab on Apple’s YouTube channel. But I doubt you won’t want to refresh madly for anything Apple except the new iPhones, right?