App Store Now Open, Remote App, Twitterrific, AIM, Super Monkey Ball Available

After iTunes version 7.7 became available last night, Apple has now turned the App Store on. It’s currently up and running and available for app downloads. Applications will only work with the iPhone and iPod touch only after updating to the 2.0 software. Although currently unavailable using the “Check for updates” button in iTunes, the 2.0 software is technically available and can be downloaded manually. Additionally, most of the apps we’ve seen demoed by developers at WWDC and the March 6th event are represented in the store, including AOL Instant Messenger, Twitterrific, and Super Monkey Ball.

The rumored iTunes Remote application from Apple is also available. It allows iPhone and iPod touch users to control their iTunes library remotely as well as change speaker outputs if you have an AppleTV or AirPort Express with speakers attached.

Twitterrific is free, although a “Premium” version with an additional theme and no ads is available. AIM and the Remote app are both free and Super Monkey Ball is $10.

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