App Showcase: Ramp Champ From Iconfactory Hits The App Store

Iconfactory (makers of Twitterrific) and DS Media Labs (makers of Light Riders) have teamed up to create Ramp Champ, a retro twist on the classic boardwalk game of skee ball. The am is simple: to “throw” the ball and knock down targets as they move around. Ramp Champ puts it in your pocket in several different flavors, with a dazzling and eye-catching artistic flair throughout.

Ramp Champ consists of several different versions of the same skee ball classic, where you take a ball and roll it up a ramp at a target. Each target is worth a set number of points, which are totaled and turned into tickets you can trade in for the various “virtual baubles and digital trinkets” to add to your collection. The various versions, which cover a wide range of themes and have names like Clown Town, Space Swarm and Icon Garden, each have their own twist, and also have different achievements that can be accomplished. Expansion packs are already available that add even more ramps and goals, which can be purchased within the app. Best of all is the layer of mesmerizingly enticing graphical splendor that covers the entire app from top to bottom.

In short, if you have an extra $2 sitting around, you can’t go wrong with Ramp Champ.

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