App Showcase: I Am T-Pain

Earlier this month the geniuses at Smule (same guys who brought you Ocarina) released their latest app, I Am T-Pain [App Store, $2.99]. In case you haven’t heard, the app turns you into “musical genius” T-Pain, complete with Auto-Tune goodness along with original T-Pain tracks to sing along with.

But rather than reading about it, you honestly need to see incredibly fun app in action. Jump down to see I Am T-Pain in all its Auto Tune glory.

Now to be honest, when I first heard about this app I completely ignored it. Sure it was from Smule, but an app for T-Pain, really? Of course once you see how well it works and how much potential for fun it has, you’ll just have to buy it. T-Pain and Auto-Tune fans unite, this app is just plain fun.

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