App Development Workshop For Nov 10-13

The Pragmatic Studio is offering a 4-day training course in the form of a hands-on workshop for developers looking to create professional iPhone apps. The course is being led by software dev Bill Dudney and Daniel Steinberg, author of Cocoa Programming: A Quick Start for Developers. The event runs from November 10-13 at the Inverness Hotel & conference Center in Denver, CO.

Topics that will be covered at the event include:

  • Xcode and Interface Builder: How to design iPhone interfaces visually in Interface Builder, connect everything in Nib files, and write and build code in Xcode.
  • The Libraries: From UI Kit to Core Animation, learn how to use the libraries to build applications that look and function like some of the apps already on your iPhone.
  • Table Views: Table views are central to many iPhone applications, such as the contact manager. Learn how to nest tables with navigation controllers and edit on a table view.
  • User Input: Every good iPhone application needs to get input from the user. We’ll show you how to design and handle input for an ideal user experience.
  • Organization and Navigation: You’ll learn to use Navigation Bars and Tabs to make it easier for users to know where they are and what they can do next.
  • Network and Communication: Get connected and share information with devices near and far.
  • Persistence: We’ll show you how to use SQLite, the iPhone file system, and preferences to preserve data between application instances.
  • Performance and Debugging: You’ll learn the power tools, including Instruments and gdb, to help make your application sing.
  • Other Cool Stuff: Learn how to set your application apart from the crowd by adding features that use Core Animation, Core Location, the Accelerometer, and so on.
  • And Much More!… practical tips, tricks, and techniques used by the experts to work efficiently and build full-featured iPhone applications

Attendance will run $1595 for Alumni and Groups of 5+, $1895 for those who register before October 20th, and $2195 if you register after October 20th.

More information about the course is available at Details on where it will be held are available here.

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