Ambrosia Offers iPad Games on the Cheap, Limited Time Summer Sale

Ambrosia announced today they are having a summer sale on all of their iPad apps, marking them down to only $0.99 each. Two of the apps on sale are normally $9.99, so this is a good opportunity to pickup a couple of great apps without dropping a lot of cash. The sale started today and ends at midnight June 18 (EST).

I had the opportunity to play with Mr. SudokuĀ [App Store] for iPad briefly, normally $3.99, and it seems to be a decent Sudoku app. It has one unique feature I’ve not seen on any other Sudoku games, in which you can draw your numbers on screen instead of having to tap in the numpad. Mr. Sudoku offers four levels of difficulty and thousands of Sudoku puzzles.

Mondo Solitaire [App Store] is an amazing solitaire app for the iPad. Ambrosia offers two versions. The standard Mondo Solitaire offers over 100 different games, and normally sells for $9.99. Ambrosia also offers Modo Top 5 [App Store], which includes only the most popular games, FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid, and Spider. Both offer amazing graphics and a number of options. Typically the Top 5 version is the way to go, normally priced at $3.99, but with the summer sale you can get the full version for the same $0.99 price.

Aki Mahjong [App Store] is the only game I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but looks as impressive as their other games. This one also sells for $9.99 normally, so we’d recommend you grab a copy before the sale ends.

Ambrosia offers full videos of each of their games on their website, and also offers a number of games for the iPhone, Mac and even the PC. We plan to review a few of their apps in the near future, but I don’t recommend you wait for the review to check out the four apps on sale.

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