Ambiance is an ambient sound application designed to help you fall asleep, relax, or just bring you to a more comfortable state. It includes a sound store where you can download any of the over 300 sounds for free.

The sound store is definitely Ambiance’s centerpiece feature. No sounds are included in the app because the user is expected to collect their own loops from the store. I found that a majority of the sounds are great, although some can be a little odd. You can preview and download for later, although you can’t do anything in the app while a sound downloads.

During playback, Ambiance displays the sound’s accompanying background which can be changed to any picture you’d like. Sounds can be played in an endless loop, as a timer, or as an alarm clock. Alarms can also be set with fade-in and out options as well as an option to disable the auto-locking screen. Sounds can also be mixed together to create a unique ambiance. Mixing sounds together is one of Ambiance’s coolest features, although audio does tend to skip when you first start combining the loops. I found that the audio settled down after a few seconds passed.

Categories are essentially playlists, although creating and managing them is fairly difficult. They can be helpful if you want to hear a succession of various sounds over time, which can be useful for long periods of relaxation.

Most features in the app are fairly intuitive, although some features are obscured by others. The interface gets sluggish often and audio tends to skip if much of anything is done in the app during playback. Crashes also tend to occur on occasion.

The good: Sound store with 300+ free sounds. Sounds are high-quality. Custom backgrounds, sound playlists. Mix multiple sounds together. Alarm and timer features.

The bad: Interface sluggishness, audio playback issues. Creating and managing categories is difficult. Semi-regular crashes.

The Bottom line: Because of the sound store, with over 300 high-quality loops, and rich set of features, Ambiance is one of our favorite ambient sound apps. Interface sluggishness and audio jitters can make the app irritating at times, but Ambiances features tend to outweigh the app’s quirks which are bound to improve.

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