Amazon Ads Promise iPhone 5 Before Release Date?

Several articles have appeared on the web claiming that Amazon is running iPhone 5 Google ads before it has even been announced. These various sources are reporting that searches for “iPhone 5″ turn up Google ads that read, “iPhone 5 at – Buy iPhone 5 at Amazon.” I attempted several searches myself, and after seeing a few Amazon ads for the iPhone 4, I did find the rumor to be true. My final search revealed an Amazon ad promising the iPhone 5 with free shipping. Clicking the link brought me to a page offering iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 accessories, but nothing relating to the iPhone 5.

It is not uncommon for unknown vendors to run Google ads promising unavailable big-name products to get a jump on major retailers, but a retail giant like Amazon using link bait is a little shocking. Will Apple put the smackdown on Amazon like it did with Best Buy? We will have to wait and see.