Air Harp

The developers famous for making all your old toys iPhone and iPad friendly have done it again with Air Harp. Commonly known as the Lap Harp back in the day, this wooden box was guaranteed to annoy even the most patient of parents. Now, thanks to touchGrove, you can annoy your family all over again right from your iPad.

Air Harp features two octaves, 15 “strings”, you can strum creating your own melodies. You can also use clever sheet music and learn to play some classic songs like Baa Baa Black Sheep or I’m a Little Teapot. The app comes with nine songs, and provides an option to add more sheet music packs via an in-app purchase.

Like all of the apps from touchGrove, the details on Air Harp are flawless. The wooden box, the strings, the red felt, and the sheet music, all look like the Lap Harp I had as a kid. The interface is clever and simple. When you look at the harp, you don’t see any buttons, but the chrome logo allows you to tap to manage your sheet music. The sheet music slides under the strings exactly like the original, but on the Air Harp, the sheet actually stays put. Even the visuals of plucking the strings looks accurate, and the sound from the Air Harp is very authentic.

The Lap Harp was well used in my house, and now the Air Harp will be too. Give your kid a pair of headphones and Air Harp for the iPad, and congratulate yourself for being smarter than your parents.