Ads Soon Coming to Mobile and Desktop Versions of Facebook

Previously, Twitter only displayed ad content on their desktop version of their popular mobile website, but they announced yesterday that ads were coming soon to their official iPhone and Android applications. Right on the heels of Twitter, Facebook today announced that they’re beginning to rollout ads on users’ timelines on both their desktop and mobile websites and apps, respectively.

According to AllThingsD, Facebook’s ads will be influences greatly by Twitter’s:

“Facebook’s big idea, as it laid out in marketing documents that leaked last week, is that marketers should create “content” that will double as an ad. And it will let them distribute that content/ad in between the rest of the stuff in users’ “newsfeed” – both on PCs and on phones.”

Facebook is quite a big company. Worldwide, they boast over 800 million users of which half are rumored to use the mobile application prominently. Of course, every company makes money so what better way than to shove ads in the middle of your activity on Facebook? Ads will be integrated right where users can see them most: within your timeline as well as your newsfeed.

Twitter has been better known for opening up their API to developers. We’ve seen this executed brilliantly in instances such as mobile applications such as Tweetbot and other popular iOS Twitter clients, but of the few third-part Facebook applications there are available, many are clunky and messy.