Adobe AIR Coming To Android, Blackberry

Apple is adamant about not supporting Adobe’s Flash framework on the iPhone, but that’s not stopping them from making it the develop once-publish anywhere framework for mobile app development. They announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they plan to bring Adobe AIR to Android OS and Blackberry devices. Their goal is to make it possible for developers to write their app using AIR and then publish that app for each of the popular mobile devices.

Android OS and Blackberry are the first two they say will be getting AIR support. These apps will have the ability o store data on the device, access data on other devices, and be distributed in amongst the other apps available in their respective Android and Blackberry stores.

They also announced that the next version of Flash, version 10.1, will work on all smartphone devices that allow it (that means no iPhone) and will be the same Flash 10.1 that desktop machines will be running.

[via TechCrunch]

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