Additional Impressions Surface Regarding Apple Tablet User Interface

We all want Apple’s new tablet to arrive, hopefully sooner rather than later. Adding to the gossip chain, an industry source who has seen the operating system behind the device (though not the device) said that ”the UI has a good bit of new sexy to it,” implying that the tablet OS may in fact be different from the iPhone OS.

Silicon Alley Insider’s source also said the following about the OS:

  • “The UI has a good bit of new sexy to it.”
  • “It’s a big iPhone, but it’s not just a big iPhone.”

These quotes agree with previous impressions and speculation that Apple’s tablet will feature a different user interface from the iPhone or Mac. However, other reports have cited that there may be a “steep learning curve” for the new interface.

Apple is expected to announce the new tablet device at its January 27th media event at the Yerba Buena in San Francisco.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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