A Bad Google? UK iPhone Users Sue Search Giant

We’ll bet Google doesn’t like this search result: it’s being sued by disgruntled iPhone users in the United Kingdom. This, after it emerged that the search engine giant allegedly illegally tracked users’ Safari habits in both the United States and the U.K.

A lawsuit surrounding the matter was already filed in the former.

A dozen user have joined together in a class action lawsuit, CNET reports, citing The Guardian, a UK-based newspaper. The case centers around the allegation that Google used cookies to track users’ browsing habits on Safari, the built-in iPhone browser.

“It is particularly concerning how Google circumvented security settings to snoop on its users. One of the things about Google is that it is so ubiquitous in our lives and if that’s its approach then it’s quite concerning,” Dan Tench, a lawyer with the London-based law firm Olswang, told The Guardian.

The users want to know how much data was collected, and how that data was used. The lawsuit levies accusations of injuries under computer misuse and trespassing, breach of confidence and privacy, as well as violations under the Data Protection Act of 1998.

In the U.S. case, a judge fined Google $22.5 million, and the Federal Trade Commission found that Google illegally disregarded users’ privacy settings in Safari.

The implications of the UK lawsuit could be far-reaching; over 10 million people use Apple products, and each and every one of those people could potentially join the class, which could spell financial disaster for Google, who, perhaps ironically, staked its reputation on the back of the slogan “Don’t be evil.”

[via: CNET]