7 Year Old iOS Developer, Connor Zamary Releases Application

I know when I was seven, I was outside with a couple of friends selling cans of soda and overly-sugared cups of lemonade rather than setting up my own LLC and developing my own, decent looking game for any sort of game marketplace. That’s what 7-year old Connor has supposedly picked up though – the art of developing. Meet Connor Zamary, the youngest iOS developer.

CNET interviewed the child and his father, who revealed that Connor had not only thought up of the idea but had also started up his own LLC by himself. He apparently “pitched investors, made his own PowerPoint, filled out the paperwork for his LLC all by himself, and has done conference calls with the West Coast developers”. Yes, the real logic wasn’t the skill of Connor, but he instead hired another developer the application for him.

The game involves spreading various condiments on slices of toast as they pop out of the toaster. It’ll start out easy and slowly get more and more difficult. Even though the kid was allowed to fill out a number of papers which resulted in his LLC, he isn’t allowed to be using an email address. His business communications are done using his dad, Craig Zamary’s email address.

No one else has really questioned the whole thing, save for a few curious commenters on various media posts covering the story, but I’d like to introduce a point: many tiny developers seem to die out in the large fight for success on the App Store, so wouldn’t it be the perfect marketing technique if you could boast an application that was “dreamt up and directed entirely by a seven-year old child”? All I’m saying is that the whole thing could just be a huge scheme involved with the aforementioned to lure a few more people into purchasing the application, which is certainly favored by the fact that the App Store environment is so competitive. If the game wasn’t so polished looking, I would really hesitate buying an application made by someone of that age. – just my, personal two cents on the matter.

Either way, if you want to check out the application, Toaster Pop is available for $0.99. It’s got some pretty nice visuals as well as a unique gameplay premise.

[News and Image Courtesy of CNET]