30% iPhone 3G Owners In US Switched To AT&T From Other Carriers

If you too were enticed by the iPhone 3G to dump your previous phone and wireless carrier like an un-cool, un-shiny sack of garbage, then you probably won’t be too surprised to hear this but market research firm NPD Group recently released a report in which they found that nearly one in three iPhone 3G customers in the US switched to AT&T from another carrier to get an iPhone. They also found that the iPhone 3G topped smartphone sales in it’s category.

NPD Group says that 30% of those that purchased an iPhone 3G between June and August of this year switched from other providers to get the iPhone. While this isn’t too surprising given the iPhone’s coolness factor, it is significantly higher than the average switchers between all carriers overall during that time period. Those who switched for the iPhone 3G were led by ex-Verizon customers, making up 47% of those who switched, followed by T-Mobile with 24% and Sprint with 19%.

Director of Industry Analysis at NDP, Ross Rubin, says the most likely cause for all the switching was the new lower price point for the iPhone 3G and the addition of 3G.

Their report also found that the iPhone 3G was the top seller in the smartphone category during the same June-August period, surpassing market leader RIM and Palm. They also note that the iPhone 3G managed to raise Apple’s smartphone marketshare from 11% to 17%.

[via Macworld]

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