3-D Vector Pong

When most people think of “Pong”, they think of the lo-tech, 2 dimensional arcade game by Atari from 1972. 3-D Vector Pong by Gyrocade is essentially the same game, but with a very modern, 3-D twist, adapted to the sophisticated technology of the iPhone and iPod touch.

The basics of the game are still the same: you and another player or the AI bot take turns hitting a “ball” back and fourth across the court using “paddles”, kind of like tennis. If a player misses a ball and it goes past their paddle, their opponent scores points.

Unlike the original pong, 3-D Vector Pong takes place in a dynamic, interactive 3-D space that changes slightly when you move the paddle around, which is done by tilting the device around, creating the cool illusion of a virtual 3-D space. (This also means you’ll need to keep the device facing upward while playing.) It’s a little tricky at first, but with some practice you can get good enough to control where the ball bounces to based on where it hits your paddle.

The game has 3 difficulty levels for playing the AI: Easy, Hard, and Pro. You can even play in 2 Player mode over a network by either creating a new game or joining an existing one.


  • awesome 3-D graphics and illusion of space based on a full OpenGL 3D engine
  • excellent use of the accelerometers
  • sounds
  • 1 Player mode with 3 difficulty levels
  • play against a friend over a local Wi-Fi network with 2 Player Mode
  • accelerometer controls paddle movement and camera angle
  • semi-addictive


  • the controls are a bit tricky and take some practice
  • the paddle seems to stick to the edges when you bring it all the way to the edge of the screen
  • semi-addictive

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